Musicians play at the Waterfront

Waterfront – more versatile and more exciting tourist magnet

Since the 90s the “Victoria & Alfred” Waterfront is a tourist attraction in Cape Town. Not only the atmosphere from that old port has become so popular and well known. There are mostly shops (about 270), hotels, cinemas, restaurants, pubs, museums, etc. together. Here you can look and wonder, you can have shopping, food and lots of fun.

When you enter the shopping mall for the first time, you have the feeling to lose there. This happened to me and I also have not found again one or the other store. But in the second and third time it looks a lot better. Or you visit the mall only once anyway, preferably with the whole family, and then you have enough time to see everything in detail.

With a little imagination you can imagine the shopping mall as a two-story square. On one of the many entrances you get to the aisles. At best, you visit first the top floor, as are the majority of clothes stores. From the well-known brands such as Nike, Adidas and Woolworths to exclusive brands such as Gucci and Lacoste.
Then you can relax in the many different restaurants and fast food stores shortly. In each course you will find something, whether it’s Chinese or Turkish. Even if you only want to drink a coffee.
Let’s go to the first floor. There are all sorts of shops. Clothes, cosmetics, books, music / video, telephone providers, etc. It also takes some stands with African souvenirs. If you want you can go in one of the two cinemas. Or you decide to return for a restaurant, but this time in the outdoors. There you’ll find some and it’s worth it to sit there because you have a beautiful view of the harbour.
Finally, it must be said that it is very difficult to manage all in one day. If you stay in Cape Town, a visit to the V & A Waterfront is therefore absolutely necessary! But you should not forget that everything is more expensive and Cape Town is offering other beautiful points.


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