There is a open position for an internship starting in November 2010!

At short notice Study Cape Town can offer one more position for an internship in the marketing department!

Good command of English and furthermore adequate knowledge of spanish or french to support us by writing and translatimg articles for our blog, would be very beneficial.

For further information send an e-mail to andre(at)

Composition of this StudyCapeTown – blog

And again one more blog ! Each company that pretends to be modern will be using this medium. SCT is going to capitalize on this trend as well , wants to communicate in a direct way with its costumer.  SCT wants to call attention to itself. SCT to find new costumers. There is no doubt about it !

But a second motive we don’t want to hide. This blog is Andre´s baby. The blog shall be the source of information for young people who intend to go to South Africa, e.g. as a student, a intern, a volunteer or for travelling. What is the reason that I am convinced that I can tell you anything that you find in many cases in the world wide web. To be honest, up to now I didn’t find that homepage with all that details. ( Please inform me just in case you fond that page ). Furthermore I think that due to my own experiences in southern Africa I am competent to provide this info. 2006 / 2007 I spent 16 months in this region as a language course student, as a intern or only as a tourist. In the last 3 years I spent 5 more months in South Africa. The country is amazing, the more you know about t the more you like it. Key words you find about this country everywhere are sun, apartheid, crime, safari and soccer world cup. But you definitely will find more. That is the purpose on my blog, to present the famous, but also the unknown aspects about Cape Town and South Africa and to advertise for the southern part of Africa. That’s my first blog, so pardon me for any poor design or other mistakes.

Please consider it as a publish domain. Everybody is invited to publish his experiences, his recommendation or other comments. How we transfer this in reality we will see.   

Readers I would like to ask for that :

  • Please submit your feedback about the design, the topics or others. What shall be improved, what can be considered as a good result ?
  • What do you think about the first articles ? What shall be added ? Which promising blogs do you know ?

 Thank you for your feedback !


Blog of the week – purpose

We would like to give you a full impression about the working life as a intern or employee in South Africa. A glimpse into the daily life of a student shall be shown as well. To achieve this target we started this topic. We will on a regular basis introduce to you interesting blogs, published by individuals, about life as a internship, volunteer or student. Blogs about travelling will be published too, to get an idea about this amazing country with this huge touristic potential.

Owners of blogs are welcome to introduce their homepage to be presented here. We try our best to publish all blogs. Furthermore we would like to ask everybody to allude to promising pages.

Marketing Internship

We are seeking qualified (undergraduate or graduate) student interns to assist with the activities of the agency.


long term : ~ six months period
short term : ~ two – three months period

Duties will include: 
  • to develop and improve our multilingual web blog (
  • the usage of facebook as a medium of communication 
  • the development of partnerships with universities in South Africa and foreign countries
  • internet marketing and advertisement in general 
  • increasing the SCT activities in non German speaking countries 
  • the development of advertisement material
  • the development of (adventure) trips in South Africa
  • office work in general / possibly administration work in the accommodations
  • marketing and PR work in general  
  • handling of customer and intern enquiries
Required skills:

• The candidate must be self-driven, an open-minded person able to work in a multicultural environment.
• She or he must be well-organised and be able to work independently
• The candidate must have excellent written and oral English skills
• Applicants must possess above average IT skills
• Preferable Majors in Business, Marketing or Tourism

  • no salary, but discounted accomodation

Submit your application to:  andre(at)