Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden

Kirstenbosch Botanical GardenKirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, situated at the foot of Table Mountain, was founded in 1913. Full of bio diversity, it is a part of the South African’s 8 national gardens and has 20 000 species of indigenous South African flora, and close to 50 per cent of the Peninsula’s floral wealth.

Many plants, which could not be grown outside can be found in Kirstenbosch. Under one roof, is possible to find plants from high mountain peaks, shady forests and hot, dry deserts. Another thing that makes Kirstenbosch an unique place is statement, given by UNESCO in 2004, that it is a World Heritage Site, which really preserves its fauna and flora.

During the weekends, it is common to find families and couples doing picknicks in the vast lawns around Kirstenbosch. And from November to April, there is the Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concerts, that happens every Sunday. A big stage is mounted in an open area, where people can sit around and enjoy a nice afternoon, full musical culture.
You must visit Kirstenbosch, it is a good opportunity to enjoy Cape Town even more!

One of the concerts: Soweto String Quartet

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