Kapstadt, die Stadt der Backpacker

The South African city, Cape Town, is one of the most popular destination in Africa and receives thousands of tourists every year. The  multi cultural city  contains eleven official languages (including English) and offers many activities for visitors such as blue water beaches, shark diving,  seals and penguin islands, bungee jumping, parachute, safaris, wine tasting, mountain hiking, restaurants, bars and clubs.

To enjoy all these activities while spending less money on accommodation, it is stated that the tourist is indicated to stay in backpackers.
The neighbourhood of Sea Point, which has beautiful beaches, public pools, restaurants and bars, just got a new hostel, the BackpackerCoolJazz. There, the guest has the option to stay in very comfortable rooms, with single, double, triple rooms or dormitory (4-6 people).On the upper floor of this building, is the lounge area, where people can watch TV, take a drink at the bar or relax on the balcony. Barbecues are held constantly in order to integrate the guests.
To facilitate the choice of activities to be made in the city, there is the CoolJazz Tourism Travel Information Centre, which organizes tours to the main points of the cities. If you want to know more about CoolJazz Backpacker Lodge, go to the web site http://www.cooljazzlodge.com.

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