Bo-Kaap Museum in Cape Town

Outside of the city centre of Cape Town is the beautiful neighbourhood of Bo-Kaap with its Museum. It’s known for the Islamic community and you can have a view on its history and culture. And of course everybody link with Bo-Kaap the multi-coloured houses.

The Bo-Kaap Museum is located in the historic area that became home to many Muslims and former slaves after the abolition of slavery. Many of them hailed from South East Asia practicing the Muslim faith. Their also known as Cape Malay and it’s said that they were helpful in forming of the Afrikaans language. Everybody who has ever heard it would be reminded at the sound of Dutch.

The Museum was established in 1978 and it’s furnished as a house reflecting the lifestyle of a nineteenth-century Muslim family. It’s located in 71 Wale Street and it’s managed by Iziko Museums. They contain 5 national museums including the SA Cultural History Museum and its satellites. The museum is being changed into a social history museum telling the story of the local community with socio-political and cultural aspects.

The George Hallet Photographic Exhibition portrays one man’s impression of life in the Bo-Kaap. A second exhibition is pointing the social history of the Bo-Kaap and the influence of Apartheid. Older exhibitions show the culture of the Muslim community at the Cape.

When you have finished the visit of that museum, just take a walk at the cobbled streets and you will find more things being worth to see! If you’re at the right time there, you can hear the muezzin’s calls to prayer or you’ll locate the oldest mosque in South Africa. One thing is sure: You have to taste the Cape Malay cuisine!

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