Cape Flats – Cape Town’s townships

The large flat plain in the south east of Cape Town is called “Cape Flats” which  stretches up to the False Bay. It consists of a considerable number of townships where the majority of coloureds and blacks live. Over the decades several large townships were constructed by the South African apartheid government.

The oldest township is called Langa, in Xhosa it means “sun” and was established in  1922. The construction of Nyanga and Gugelethu “our pride” began in the 1950s and 1960s. After the eviction of the District Six many people had to move into these townships. [Read more…]

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Daily life in township schools

Since 2009 I have engaged myself with the topic of township schools in Cape Town. My
friend Roseline who has been a crèche principal and voluntary social worker for the
past 20 years in Mandalay (a township near the Cape Town airport) draw my attention
to the bad conditions at schools in Mandalay, Mitchells Plain and surroundings. At
the beginning all the reports about the school system were unbelievable stories to
me until I spoke to teachers, parents, students and school principals. [Read more…]

Tik, the drug at Cape

Holiday-makers are visiting Cape Town’s nightlife district Longstreet on any evening. The street is full of party people. Suddenly, an emaciated child is standing in front of them and is holding out the emaciated arm. The child is hardly to understand but the intension is clear – money. Who is in Cape Town will see a lot of these children and teenager and also will be addressed. The most kids who are living on the street are glue-sniffing and a large part of them is also taking Tik. [Read more…]

Heritage Square in Cape Town

One of the best protected architectural jewels in Cape Town is the Heritage Square in the city centre. Only 5 minutes walking distance from Long Street and the district Bo-Kaapaway a piece of Cape Town’s past was retained.

In the middle of the 1980’s Cape Town’s city council wanted to built a new express highway close to the city. As a result a complete block with historical but run-down houses from the 18. century would have been demolished. [Read more…]

Townships-what are those?

After leaving the airport of Cape Town the first impression is shocking. On the left and right of the highway you see 10 kilometres of shanties also called shacks. Most dreadful slums that are separated from the highway by a wooden fence full of holes. Between heaps of garbage right beside the highway kids are playing soccer. So these are the townships described in travel guides. They were built by the South African apartheid regime. The answer is yes and no. What you can see here as a rule are “informal settlements”, illegal residential areas. [Read more…]

Companies Garden – green oasis in Cape Town

In the centre of Cape Town you can find one of the few public parks, the Companies Garden. It is the former vegetable garden of the city. More than 300 years ago the original aim of foundation of the city was to supply the sailing vessels of the Dutch-East Indian trading company with fresh food and vegetables. Today’s park is situated right next to the pedestrian zone and measures about 6 hectares. [Read more…]

Observatory Arts Festival

Observatory Festival of ArtsThe fifteenth annual three day event is to take place on the Observatory Village Green and surrounding roads and venues on the second week in December. Observatory is the local student hub with a large variety of restaurants, bars and clubs. The University of Cape Town and the Groote Schuur hospital is nearby.

During the festival visitors can enjoy different live acts and performances. More than 20 music bands and musicians do their performance, e.g. „30 from Ace”, „aKing” and „Tidal Waves“.

Festival goers can expect to see the city’s top musicians in action, the best of Obz nightlife, art installations and exciting playgrounds for the kids, an extensive craft market, as well as the Lazy Sunday concert aimed at jazz lovers.

The festival takes place between 9th. – 11th. December 2011. Entrance fee will be 90 Rand for all three days.


Largest South African beer festival in Cape Town

Black LabelToday started in Sea Point the largest beer festival of South Africa. More than 100 different brand of beers can be tested during the 3 day event.

Among these brands are Camelthorn, Darling, Bavaria, Corona, Carling Black Label, Napier, Jack Black, Paulaner, Mitchells, Castle, Fosters, Erdinger, Liefmans, Oettinger, Cobra, Tiger, Singha, Duvel, Maredsous und Valentines.

The venue of this event is Hamiltons Rugby Club opposite to the new soccer stadium. The entrance fee for one day is 60 Rand, all 3 days are for 120 Rand.

Additional to the beer testing a variety of music acts will be presented. In the evenning musicians do their performance.

More info you get here.

South Africa’s legendary music festival

Synergy LiveFrom November 25 to 27 the annual music festival “Synergy Live” takes place in Boschendal Wine Estate near to Franschhoek. From Cape Town you get to this location within 1 hour by car.

More than 80 locals bands, live acts and electro musican perform on 4 different stages.

The ticket price is 440 Rand for all three days and 100 Rand for one day.

More details, especially which bands perform at wich time you get here.

New Years Eve on Victora & Alfred Waterfront

New Year's Eve Cape TownResidents and tourists of Cape Town, who are going to stay for New Years Eve in the city, start to think about the options they have for this night. The variety is huge, starting by clubbing at the Long Street to spending the evenning in a Camps Bay bar.

One possibilty, to spend the first half of New Years Eve, is the attendance of Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town. Different musicians perform on the Amphitheatre, starting time is 7 pm. Two of the performers are Soi Soi Gqeza and Saber. Soi Soi is a famous South African jazz singer. The concert itself is free of charge.

In the area of Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town are various restaurants for the New Years Eve dinner.

Highlight is the fireworks at midnight. Afterwards you can continue with your party in one of the clubs on the Long Street.

More details you find here.

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